Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you perform any place?

It can not be done on the road surface where the tires slide, such as earth and lawn.
It may be difficult even on inclined and uneven road surface.
In that case you can also lay the board and perform the performance


Q:How much space is needed?

6 m × 5 m is necessary.
The wider one increases the number of skills and broadens the range of performance.


Q:Is there anything to prepare?

Please prepare the acoustic equipment (speaker / microphone).
If there is not, we can prepare.


Q:How long is the performance time?

We will do according to your request.
Please allow 5 to 30 minutes as a guide.


Q:How much is the performance fee?

We will respond according to your budget.
Please inquire from the inquiry form.
※ Transportation and accommodation fees are required separately.